Thursday, July 7, 2011

PSA From The Ranter Ministry Of Information

I have a good feeling this lockout nonsense will be resolved soon. I think the 6 of you reading this should too. My anger at both sides and fear of lost games has subsided, and now I'm just waiting. However, should I find my faith wavering, I'm just going to look at this piece of propaganda from The Ranter Ministry of Information and chill out. 

You should do the same. Carry on.


  1. 6 readers? I think you counted me twice.

  2. Well the last article had 11 likes, but ya gotta figure a few read it and didn't like it, so you gotta count them too. So maybe that makes you feel better.

  3. Thanks, Jim, but I'm extremely confident everyone liked it.

  4. You can go ahead and count each of my personalities. And mine, too.


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