Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Bay Goo or “Hey! You Got Your Cheddar in my Guacamole!”

The magnitude of the statement, “I’m going to the game” is hardly represented by the action of just going to the game itself. It entails the entire experience of gameday – the lodging, driving, walking, cheering, post-win mechanical bull riding at Stadium View (personal fave), and one of the Ranter’s favorite pastimes: tailgating.

Every serious tailgaitor – most Packer fans we know, actually – will generally have one signature food (or drink, or both) represented at their tailgate camp. These items are the perfect match of creativity and edibility. My uncle Orlo’s buffalo chicken meatballs come to mind. Or just last year, we were introduced to @gbpf127’s famous booze-soaked cherries. Now, these specialty foods may take a little TLC to prepare but watching a fellow fan enjoy something you concocted is simply priceless. (You know the clip you want to see, so here you go.)

While desperately raiding the fridge one night after a lengthy pub crawl, inspiration struck in the form of a new dip. Don’t judge me, but all I had in my icebox was a bag of shredded cheese, avocado and some beef sticks (actually, isn’t that like three of the food groups? Niiiice). What else would/could someone with the drunk hungries do but combine them? That’s exactly what I did that fateful night – and have since perfected over the last few weeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great pleasure I would like to add to the great tradition of Packer tailgating Green Bay Goo – delicious creamy guacamole and melted cheddar cheese: two great tastes that taste great together.

To make Green Bay Goo, simply dump as much cheese as you can get your hands on into a crock pot. While that’s melting it into a thick, soup-like consistency, prepare your guac like the guac-star you know you are into another bowl. Then ladle out some cheese into a small bowl and then dollop (yes, dollop) some guac on top of that. From there, let your dipping imagination soar. Think pretzels, chips, beef sticks, brats or even eat it with a spoon. You’ll find the combination of textures as well as the contrasting warm and cool temperatures to be simply delightful.

Note: it’s very important not to combine the two until you’re ready to eat. In my trials, this unique combination tastes best in the first few minutes after mixing. Plus, I’ve always found that ladies are into guys with good ladling skills.

I look forward to sampling your own takes on Green Bay Goo, preferably at a tailgate soon...


  1. What's really going to blow your mind is that it's green and gold.

  2. Shoot - was going to mention that bonus.

  3. I've got Anthony Bourdain's agent on the phone right now!


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