Friday, September 21, 2012

Unique Packers Items Available As We Speak

Garage sales. They are both interesting and terrifying, and sometimes at the same location. I’ve been to enough to know that before venturing into the great unknown of your neighbor’s hoarding habits, you always should bring with you two things. 1) Enough cash to pounce on that vintage pinball machine you thought you’d never come across again B) More Purrell than necessary to sanitize the Duggars.

Just as interesting, and certainly potentially as terrifying, is the phenomenon known as Craigslist. And while one certainly should be very selective when meeting someone through this site (public places, people!), once in a while, you can really get lucky. To save you time, I already went virtual garage sale shopping and wanted to bring to your attention some unique Packer items. Note: I am not receiving any sort of compensation from these listings (though I am not above that either if anyone is interested down the road;).

One of the first beauties I came across was this timeless Packers crock pot for just $25 (at the moment). I would love to try and sell you on its features and benefits, but the poster does such a great job I’ll let “Curt’s” words do the talking.

“Awesome! Great Rival crock pot with two heat settings (low and hi). The coolest part - it is adorned with the Green Bay Packers logos!!! Great for Packer Parties, Packer game day meals, or taking to the office on game day! Show your fan spirit for the Pack!!! The crock pot is in very good condition and works just fine!”

BAM. See what I mean? I totally agree that without the Packers logos, it’s just your average-looking crock pot from the 90s. But with the logos, baby, it’s simply awesome. Hell, you could inspire an entire man cave from that design. Maybe I will…

Speaking of interior design, why not spruce up your walls with these gorgeous, coordinating oil paintings? Best suited for those with an equally unbridled passion for Favre and the American bald eagle, these dual beauties measure almost as tall as a wooden ruler (shown) and are available at the economical price of $545 dollars each directly from the artist – no middle man here, treasure hunters.

Like most pieces of art, these painting probably have to be appreciated in person for the full effect. The only problem is the creepy basement you’re going to have to venture into to view them. And hey, what’s that séance-looking candle all about? On second thought, you may want to pass and/or alert the local authorities. “Yeah…

Next, I found something that really knocked my socks off as far as uniqueness and vintage appeal is concerned. The owner of this “full-sized bed with rounded corners” in “fantastic condition” claims that it once belonged to Charlie Mathys. You see, the owner of the house purchased Mathys’s former home and was left with the contents - awesome. Who’s Charlie Mathys, you ask? (I know I did.) Oh, he’s only the first Packers quarterback to beat the Bears back in 1925. Yeah, turns out he was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1977 along with some guy named Bart Starr. So, nothing special apparently, which is why the bed is only going for $500 OBO. (No word on whether the mattress and quilt come with though.)

Finally, this item caught my attention simply for the description alone: “Man’s Box for Jewelry Green Bay Packers w/Free GB Watch” ($40). I have never seen a Man’s Box before. In fact, I didn’t even know they existed, but low and behold, this Man’s Box has “two levels”. That two freaking levels, people! I don’t know exactly what the means, but I know two levels on a Man’s Box has got to be better than one. But wait, there’s more... As “Ray” explains, his Man Box is made of real wood (heyo!) and is also velvet lined (again, heyo!). You know what, I’m not even going to show you the picture in the listing and leave this one up to your imagination.
But I do get it, people. Times are tough and money is tight. So if these gems I picked out for you don’t exactly blow your hair back, the interwebs is all yours. There are still a lot of gems out there, I've read somewhere a guy won some great sports memorabilia against some dude while playing poker, apparently the guy ran out of cash and opted to bet one of his collections. That would have been a good bargain if you're good at the game, might wanna start reading some tips from sites like this and look for fellow collectors to play against, and hope that a good collectible item will come it's way to the tables, while you're holding a winning hand, of course. Happy treasure hunting, Packer fans.


  1. My wife, who grew up in Indianapolis, was quite surprised when we received not 1 but 2 Packer crock pots as wedding gifts in '96 without listing them in the wedding registry. I agreed to allow her to return one of them, but the other is still used today.

  2. Crock pots were made to last. I'd put that thing in your will now, Louie. Your grandkids will sing your praises over pulled pork.

  3. I'm telling my wife to get me one of those Man Boxes. I got a sweet Buick ring I can keep in that thing. Oh yeah.


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