Friday, November 9, 2012

Every Single Packer Item I Own

In the last month or so, we’ve been contacted to potentially be cast in shows about die-hard Packer fans. You know the ones – Packer tattoos, body painted in green and gold, entire man caves dedicated to the Packers, ticket stubs from every home game for the last twenty years, etc. While I have almost no interest of being cast in one of these shows, this got me thinking – in a Doctor Evil voice – what makes a die-hard fan? I consider myself die-hard, but compared to these types of Packer fans, I probably come across as a very casual.

So out of curiosity, I ransacked my place, looking for every single Packer item I own. It took longer than I thought. Once everything was collected, I busted out my DROID RAZR M and its 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080 HD video capability for a shot. The good people at Verizon and Motorola have put enough into this camera that I have no qualms about selling my digital camera on eBay. Also, that “snap” sound in each shot is awesome. Makes you want to keep taking pictures. I took a ton of pictures, but felt the one that showed everything was most impactful. What you see here is every Packer item I have accumulated since I can remember.
I Own 16 Packer Things. Not Bad.
1. A Cheesehead. The staple of Packer fans worldwide. Given to me by a generous family member last year. Side note: Did you know the first ever Cheesehead was cut from couch cushions and then painted? True story.

2. Aaron Rodgers jersey. Supposedly it’s an authentic jersey although I have my doubts. If it’s a knock off, it’s a beautifully stitched knock off. Bought this a couple years ago in a wholesale purchase order with some other people. I’ve worn it to one game – the one where Favre beat us at Lambeau. Not a good day. My bad, people. I will probably give it away this year in a contest since I'm not much of a jersey guy.

3. ACME Packers hat. When these things were scorching-hot commodities, good friend Franklin Hillside was kind enough to surprise me with this at a game we attended. Thanks, buddy!

4 & 5. The Home and Away #12 Championship Belt Buckles. Very special items, as I designed them myself and had them manufactured. These will likely be passed down. Related note: I had a gorgeous Roger Maris rookie card I sold to help pay for the costs of creating. No regrets.

6. Standard “G” winter cap. I somehow ended up with this but if belonged to my dad. Thanks, Pop!

7. Vintage Packers sticker from the 60s. Again, what’s become somewhat of an annual tradition of exchanging Packers items, this is yet another gem gifted to me from Franklin Hillside.

8. Lambeau Field Framed Stadium print. I won employee of the quarter (that's quarter, people, not just month) and was awarded a sweet gift card to the Packers Pro Shop. I used it to help purchase this beauty, which proudly hangs in my basement.

9. ACME Packers hat. There’s so much cool stuff at the Pro Shop that I purchased this hat along with the print. It’s my favorite hat. Period.

10. Throwback Clay Matthews shirt. Impulse purchase I’ve now worn enough that holes are starting to appear. I wore this when I met Tom Crabtree for TBWI and was offered $50 and a 6th round pick for it at a fantasy football draft. Not happening, Brew City Blasters.

11. 80's Packers mug. This is my go-to coffee cup on Sunday mornings for the last few years. Like #6, I somehow ended up with it from my parents. Shhh....

12. Got Driver? shirt. This was the first Packer gift I ever received from Franklin in 2008 I believe. DD was my favorite player for a looooong time and I probably talked about him a little too much. I wore this shirt to the game against SF when #80 had the catch of his career. I ripped open my coat and stuck out my chest like Superman to the crowd. One of my all-time favorite moments at Lambeau. Here’s the catch.

13. Packers mug. Great for the morning commute given to me by my parents for X-Mas. Dishwasher safe, which is always nice.

14. Packers mug. I bought some hot chocolate for a pretty young lady who I took to a game in ’08. I was going to toss the cup when she was finished but she wanted to keep it. Never thought it would hold up as long as it has. Kudos, pretty young lady.

15. Packers zip-up fleece. Gift from my parents last year. I wear this to work a lot and get compliments galore. Nice pickup, Mom.

16. Packers pajama pants. They’re almost Zubas-like in their sweetness and comfortableness. Wear these often in the winter. Gift from a family member.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this one on my pooch, Maggie, aka the “Orange Nipper” aka the “Hairy Beastmaster.” Note the Packers collar, given to me by a friend.
The Hairy Beastmaster. Representing.
There it is – 16/17 things – not that much, perhaps, but more than I thought it would be. It’s hard to believe that 11 of these were given to me, 4 were purchased and I created the other 2. Interesting mix. And while it’s a decent amount of Packer items, I’m guessing most of you have more – maybe even much more.

Like I said, I believe I'm as die-hard Packer fan as anyone I know. I may not have a Packers stock certificate or a green leather couch, but I've been to 20+ games and experience each and every game and season with the same roller coaster of emotion as you do. Perhaps it’s a testament to my Packer pride with all the gifts I’ve received over the years. It’s a pretty safe bet.

So whether you have 2 or 20 or 200 things, whether you spend $20 or $2000 or more, to me, being a die-hard Packer fan comes down to how hard you cheer and how loyal you are no matter what the score. And if you couldn’t imagine rooting for another team other than the Packers, you’re probably die-hard.

Oh yeah, I also have a Packers website. Make that 18.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Fans program and have been provided with a wireless device and five months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.


  1. As long as you wear all 18 at the same time you'll get the part. I'm thinking you go the method comedy route, like K-Strass the yo-yo guy. (

  2. K-Strass! Haven't seen that in a while. I think I could probably wear most of that and turn the framed print into a shield. Wheels are turning...

    1. A_Lerxst_in_PackerlandNovember 12, 2012 at 8:17 PM

      Shield, eh...hmmmm...Captain G-Force?

  3. Redirecting to the same page: fantastic.


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