Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Joe Friday Would Be Proud

Yesterday, Josh Sitton caused a stir with some of his inflammatory comments about the Detroit Lions. In my opinion, these statements are about as inflammatory as a wet book of matches. This is just one more example of “the media” taking someone’s comments, comments stemming from a much larger conversation, out of context and rearranging them in such a way as to condemn the subject. Taken out of context, *maybe* these comments are somewhat inciting, but added to full the discussion Josh had on the radio program, they may not be. Robert and I obtained the full transcript from Josh’s discussion, and we thought it would be important to share with you to provide you, our loyal four readers, with the full picture. Hopefully, this allows you a more to draw more informed conclusions on whether this should be considered bulletin board material.

Radio personality A: “You’ve got to make the trip to Detroit on Thursday, Josh. Are you looking forward to your trip across Lake Michigan?”

Josh Sitton: “Lake Michigan? Well, I’m a fisherman, so I like lakes. You know what is an impressive lake? Lake Superior. It is the largest of the Great Lakes, and the largest lake by volume in North America. As far as surface area, it is the largest in the world. I gotta get up there and catch some take trout sometime.”

Radio personality B: “Interesting. What else do you know about bodies of water, Josh?”

Josh Sitton: “Umm, you know, I also know a fair amount about rivers. The Nile is obviously the longest river in the world, but the Amazon, which is the second longest, has a much larger waterflow. As far as the U.S., many people think the Mississippi is the longest, but it’s actually the Missouri River that holds that title and is a tributary of the Mississippi.”

Radio personality B: “Did you know Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, and the time you played on Thanksgiving was in 2011?”

Josh Sitton: “Yes, I did know that. It was November 24th, 2011. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. but it is the second Monday of October in Canada. Pretty interesting, no? My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing, and the 2nd is pumpkin pie with homemade whip cream.”

Radio personality C: “You’re playing Detroit on Thanksgiving. What can you tell us about Detroit?”

Josh Sitton: “Detroit is commonly known as ‘The Motor City’ due to its history as being the center of the American automobile industry. Its inception began with Henry Ford’s creation of Ford Motor Company in 1903. Detroit is also known as, ‘Motown’ which is a combination of the words, ‘motor’ and ‘town’ and is a style of soul music that has its origins in Detroit. Berry Gordy formed Motown Records and had some amazing artists signed to his label, such as: Diana Ross & the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye. Just really great tunes.”

Radio Personality B: “Man, I love Stevie Wonder. Now, Josh, what’re your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone?”

Josh Sitton: “Well, I can’t speak to his specific clavicle, but all clavicles run between the scapula, or shoulder blade, and the sternum, or chest. Fractures usually occur when someone falls on an extended arm or on their shoulder, which I believe is what occurred in Aaron’s case. Speaking of falls, Angel Falls, in Venezuela, is the highest waterfall in the world. Just another little fact for you guys.”

Radio personality A: “You seem to have a lot of facts stored in that head of yours. Any other facts you can share?”

Josh Sitton: “Like about waterfalls?”

Radio personality A: “Not necessarily about waterfalls or water in general, just any facts…”

Editor’s note: Now here is where Josh begins his initial discussion of Jim Schwartz and the Lions’ defense.

Radio Personality A: “So you think if Aaron Rodgers were playing, the Lions would try to take out Aaron Rodgers?”

Editor’s note: This portion of the discussion is where the certain quoted remarks in question were made. Remarks that were shared across the interwebs and *might* possibly, *maybe* be considered inflammatory. Unfortunately, these were the only remarks that everyone heard, thus, not allowing for the full picture. The conversation continues below.

Radio Personality B: “Yeah, I think everyone would agree that, probably pretty factual.”

Josh Sitton: “Yeah, I really like facts. Just random ones such as: Jim Carrey chipped his tooth many years prior, but he had the cap removed to play Lloyd Christmas in ‘Dumb and Dumber’. Also, despite Harry and Lloyd’s assertion, the Rocky Mountains were created due to tectonic shifts and are made up of metamorphic rock, and are, in fact, quite rocky.”

Radio Personality C: “Well, thanks a lot for your time, Josh, this may get edited down due to time constraints.”

Josh Sitton: “I understand that. Speaking of time, kickoff is at 11:30 Central Standard Time. Did you know that 20 states and 4 Canadian Provinces observe Central Standard in part or in whole? Just another fact for you fellas.”

So, dear reader, after hearing the statements in the proper context, you are better allowed to make your own judgments on Josh Sitton’s comments.

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  1. A_Lerxst_in_PackerlandNovember 29, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    Darn those media hacks! Never want to focus on the facts, just looking to stir up some controversy to get people's attention and increase their web hits!


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