Friday, July 11, 2014

Will the Packers Take Bitcoin Already

What’s Bitcoin again?

Bitcoin, kind reader, is a digital currency. You keep your Bitcoins in a digital wallet just like you would with online banking or PayPal, for instance. Numbers on a screen. Except unlike dollar or credit card purchases, with Bitcoin there’s no transaction fees. #NerdGold

The Packers recorded a franchise record of $54 million profit 2013. If you take a typical 2% credit card processing fee alone, that’s well over $1 million. Sound good yet?

Look. Richard Sherman accepts Bitcoin.

And there’s even going to be a Bitcoin Bowl game. 

Hey, I get how the corporate world works. Every decision – from takeout to takeovers – can get micromanaged and analyzed by committee to the point of apathetic agreement. So take baby steps. Just a couple of kiosks here, maybe a beer stand there with these Bitcoin signs and see how it goes for the 2014 season.
You'll be seeing a lot of these
In five years, Bitcoin purchasing will likely be the norm across major venues everywhere, which is why I believe the Packers should lead the way. It’s only fitting that the same team who innovated with public ownership, the Power Sweep and John Kuhn also become the first team to use Bitcoin payments.

I know what you’re saying. Why on Earth would you test a hyper-modern, digital currency in a traditional small town like Green Bay? The answer is simple. If you’re successful Green Bay, you’ll be successful ANYWHERE.

Just one favor: let me buy the first Bitcoin beer and brat.

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