Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mildly Triumphant Return...and Craig Zelinski

*taps Paul Hornung bobblehead, blows dust off computer, cracks knuckles....gets back up and grabs a beer*

"Okay, Frank, lets get going. It's like riding a bike, you'll get the hang of it again."

Hello everyone. It has been quite some time since I've written anything, but the upcoming Packers' season has me excited, so I felt the need to put some ink to paper....better check my emails first.

Sifting through countless emails from the Packers Pro Shop and bulk-sauerkraut.com brought me to this fairly interesting(?) email:

I knew the Richard Klatt anti-hard count letter-to-the-editor got a fair amount of play, especially when Aaron Rodgers shared his feelings on it, but I never thought it would inspire copycats, certainly not to me. It was a gross oversight on my part that I didn't get to this until now. I could have followed up with Mr. Zelinski's email sooner and picked his brain on Luke Getsy's crazy wide receiver drills and Dom Capers' hair or hair piece and whether the Bengals should change their name to the Cincinnati Harambes. It seems my dereliction of duty to Packers' fans has caused me to miss out on any further nuggets of wisdom from Mr. Zelinski outside of his insights into Sam Shields' speed. In an effort to rectify this, I have reached out to Craig and asked him to share any ideas he may have on the upcoming season or really any topics. Hopefully, he hasn't been offended by my previous lack of communication, as he truly seems like a fascinating Packers fan.

Ask you can probably tell, my attention span is shorter than the time it takes Mike Daniels to turn the opposing offensive line into whimpering children, but I promise that I will keep writing this season...and find Craig Zelinski.

Go, Pack.

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