Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Is the NFL Rigged Against the Lions?

Maybe we’ve got another reason to RELAX, Packer fans. Because there seems to be a strong sentiment that the NFL, Goodell, the refs and perhaps others are engaged in a grand conspiracy to prevent the Lions from winning.

A little backstory. I was popping around Detroit Lions’ blogs to gauge feelings toward this Sunday’s monster division-deciding last game and came across PrideofDetroit.com. Along with Acme Packing Company, they are part of SB Nation and appear to have an even stronger following. Which is great, because I wanted to see the depressing comments and highlight them for the LOLs. But a theme surfaced that I couldn’t ignore.

As user tuhuhoh claims, she bought a brand new BMW by working online. Apparently, her friend told her she was making $98/hr. Of course, this seemed hard to believe at first, but now tuhuhoh is doing it herself! While that sounded awesome the comment seemed misplaced on a Detroit Lions’ blog. (Don’t worry, I private-messaged her to let her know.)

Beyond unique work-from-home opportunities, commenters expressed great concern that the league is simply out for them to fail. It wasn't just a couple; it was a LOT, and just this one site. Here is a sampling of what I mean:

I expect the officiated to be 5x worse on Sunday…I don’t think the NFL wants the Lions in the postseason – Rodgers’ stupid “win out and OMG THEY DID” storyline is apparently more interesting to them.

I think we can definitely have a good shot of beating the Pack with neutral officiating but we all know that Cry baby Rodgers at the helm they will get every single call. Also when we go ahead with a lead, you know the officials ear piece will start beeping, signaling that it’s time for the refs to call a “get GB back in the game call."

The officiating didn’t lose the game for Detroit (re: Cowboys loss) but it’s impossible to try and win against the referees and the other team. An ownership statement would stand to say “We’re not going to take the unacceptable level of referee performance.

Slay and Swanson are desperately need if there’s going to be any legitimate chance to beat Green Bay. The burning question is will the refs let the Lions win on Sunday night.

Everyone's in on it! Including her!
They have to play the Packers, Goodell, the Refs, and the rest of the NFL all at once, and that is never a good thing. I want the Lions to win the division and head to the playoffs, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen, not with these refs.

To add insult upon insult, if GB gets the refereeing help they usually do, the media will say it’s because Rodgers is good and the Lions are bad. Even if the Lions win, they’ll say the Lions got lucky and almost collapsed.

I think the game will be competitive but in the end Rodgers, refs and Goodell will prove to be to much.

If we get fair officiating, I think we can win the game, but I’m not counting on it.

Zero chance (Lions win) since the NFL is hellbent on getting their golden boys to the playoffs.

The NFL gave the Packers 2 extra days rest to get ready for lions while lions have to rebound on 4 days rest, wonder why Lions fans say the league is against them.

Is this simply the product of too many terrible seasons and painful losses? Or is this a scheme orchestrated by multiple, mischievous levels of the NFL? It’s so hard to know. We’ll see Sunday if this has any merit but I think mrcrooms summed it up nicely.

Everyone that whines about the officials… Yes, we get bad calls. So does every other team in the league. There is no conspiracy for the league to not want the Lions to win. If we could put together a full game on either side of the ball, let along in all three phases, we might be better off and not have to complain about the refs week in and week out.

Go Pack Go!


  1. I suppose it's possible the Seahawks will be awarded a touchdown at some point during the Packers/Lions game.

  2. A_Lerxst_in_PackerlandJanuary 2, 2017 at 9:24 PM

    So what did you find out about that work from home job opportunity? Just curious...


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