Thursday, January 11, 2018

So You Think You Can Blog

You’ve read the sites and blogs and maybe even comment occasionally on how bad they are. There’s something missing, you say. There’s nothing that speaks to YOU, or communicates the way you’d like to see. Maybe you’ve even said to yourself, “Phhrt…I could do that.” Hell, that’s why we started this website ten years ago.

Why don’t you write something then? Seriously. If the only thing holding you back from expressing yourself if an opportunity, here’s your opportunity.

That’s right. We’re giving you a chance to write your very own post and use our website to showcase it. See, that’s the best part about having your own blog – you can do whatever you want.

Come on, this is your chance to go viral. Or get the published work out to show off to your friends. Or add that missing portfolio piece that’s going to land you a job at the Green Bay Press Gazette. Give us that unique perspective Packer Nation is missing out on. Think you can do it?

I don’t care how old or young you are, or if you have any experience. Write about what you want, as long as it relates to the Packers and PG-13 at max. We’ll even proofread it for you and tweet it out to our 7k followers.

You’re not getting paid. But exposure, they say, is everything.

"Before I ran into PackerRanter I was just a guy on the internet with opinions. Now I'm a guy on the internet with opinions that people actually read!

In all honesty, these guys had absolutely no reason to let me write for them. I was a complete nobody who live nowhere near Green Bay with a couple of snippets from his college newspaper. 

Once it was understood that I wasn't funny enough (seriously, I'm not) to stay at the Ranter, they passed my name on.

A few podcasts, a few writing gigs, a few radio hosting jobs and credentialed access to more big sporting events than I deserve later... I owe a ton to Franklin and Robert. Thanks, guys!"

-Ross Uglem, @Cheeseheadtv, @BisonReport, @Bison1660


  1. For the record, Ross is funny, he just knew too much about the Xs and Os. We were holding him back with our staff meetings on proper bratwurst toppings and proper safety for when you want to tailgate shirtless in 15 degree weather.

  2. Correct. He was actually TOO qualified. We don't get many of those.


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