Friday, August 17, 2018

Packers Defensive Film Study

Mike Pettine hits play on his remote. Video starts:

Haha Clinton Dix: OK guys, this formation has given us a lot of trouble in the past, uh does anybody need any help on their man or can we play ‘em straight up? 
Tramon Williams: Uhh, I think Lenzy’s gotta line up closer to the line.
Haha Clinton Dix: Oh, he needs someone to take his guy? Doesn't - isn't he blitzing on this play?
Tramon Williams: Yeah, I’ll shift down and pick him up. I’ve got the tight end.
Haha Clinton Dix: {sigh} Christ. OK, uhh well what we'll do, I'll run up first, fake the blitz. We can kinda just, ya know, make it look like we’re both coming. Um, I will sprint to the flat to kinda scatter 'em, so he doesn’t have to get by a whole bunch of them at once. Uhh, when I get set, I'll need Brice to come in and take the crosser, uh so we can keep them scattered and not have too many down the middle of the field. Um, when his guy is passed off, Jaire of course will need to run in and do the same thing. We're gonna need tight coverage on their outside guys, uhh so we can take them out until Lenzy gets to the QB, uh so we can of course get those receivers locked down fast, 'cause we're bringing all these guys. I mean, we'll be in trouble if we don't take them down quick. Uhh, I think this is a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off this time. Uhh, what do you think, Stanford, can you give me a number crunch real quick? 
Blake Martinez: Uhhh.. yeah, gimme a sec... I'm coming up with thirty-two point three three uh, repeating of course, percentage, of a sack. 
Clinton-Dix: That's a lot better than we usually do. Uhh, alright, you think we're ready guys? 
Mike Daniels: …Oh, my god, he just ran in. 
Tramon Williams: Save him! 
Haha Clinton Dix: Oh, jeez stick to the plan. 
Mike Daniels: Oh, jeez, let’s go, let’s go. 
Blake Martinez: Stick to the plan chums! 
Haha Clinton Dix: Stick to the plan!

Mike Pettine presses pause. “Now what were you thinking here, Lenzy?”
“ least I have chicken.”

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